So, you've ordered an Abberley Garden Building? Or perhaps you are considering doing so but need more information on whether your garden is ready for a new outdoor space? Well you're in the right place - you can find all the important preparation requirements below!


Firstly, all groundwork is your responsibility. For us to erect your bespoke outdoor space we require a suitable, level foundation. This can either be a concrete slabbed (a 4” minimum depth), or concrete beamed base (4×4 concrete fence posts). If using a Timber framed base (min of 6×2 timber tanalised) please contact us for further details regarding how to construct your base to support our floor bearers.

It is essential that your foundations are no more than 2” larger than the base specification of your soon to be built timber framed building. Also, please allow a 1ft space between the foundations and any trees, fences, bushes or any other obstacles. If unsure on any of these requirements please feel free to contact us for more in depth details.


For us to get the sections of your building safely to the desired destination, we request a few simple access requirements.

  • Minimum height clearance of 8’6”
  • Minimum width clearance of 3ft (down side or rear of property)
  • No tight angles or corners (our shed panels aren't made for bending!)

If the only access is through your home then please let us know when you place your order with us and we’ll endeavour to find a simple and safe solution.

Please Note - We do not lift over walls, garages, fences or dwarf walls higher than 4ft. If you wish to attempt this yourself then by all means do so. However, we wont be able to offer our free installation service and would require an additional re-fitting cost of £375+ and travel expenses. A new date will also be confirmed. We cannot be held accountable for any damage to any of the products. If this does occur, then we will not be able to erect your building.

At Abberley Garden Buildings we pride ourselves on efficiency, accuracy and quality, so all pre-preparation requirements must be sufficiently carried out prior to our arrival.

We take no responsibility for any onsite inaccuracies that are beyond our control. Inadequate groundworks, insufficient access requirements or any obstructions that arise on site will incur additional penalties. Payment in full upon arrival will be required for the building you have requested.

We would like to remind customers that timber is an organic product, subject to naturally occurring changes that result from different environmental conditions i.e. changes in colour, surface, splits and shrinkage. We cannot accept any responsibility for these natural changes. We’re always looking for ways to improve and develop policies and conduct. Because of this, we reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions whenever necessary, without notice. This does not affect your statutory rights.